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Darrell Mizell​  - EXECUTIVE CHEF


Florida native Darrell R. Mizell has been an Executive Chef for over 30 years and the recipient of a host of awards. A graduate of New York's acclaimed Culinary Institute of America, Chef Darrell was instrumental in developing Floribbean Cuisine. This cuisine features complex medleys of spices, an emphasis on seafood, pork, beef, and poultry along with generous use of fresh fruit, nuts, fine wine and juices, especially citrus and sweet tropical fruits. Some of his best dishes originate from his greatest influence, his late mother, affectionately known as "Miss Hattie." As dictated by Floribbean cuisine, Chef Darrell uses only the freshest ingredients to create entrées that are as much a work of art as they are a meal.

Community-minded Chef Darrell has participated in Chef's Auctions for the March of Dimes, Career Day at numerous schools, Sarasota and Manatee Chamber of Commerce events, and the mentoring program at the Culinary School at Manatee Technical Institute. He receives constant rave reviews and compliments for  his willingness to participate, and for the great food he provides.

Chef Darrell has influenced many fine restaurants, such as Christopher's Tropical Fine Dining, The Sun House Restaurant, Ivo's Continental Cuisine, Mattison's American Bistro and Catering Company, the Sporting News Grill at the Holiday Inn Sarasota Bradenton, State College of Florida, and the Out of Door Academy.

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